Monday, October 17, 2016

The Vampire in the Church Choir by Matt Mikalatos

The Vampire in the Church ChoirThe Vampire in the Church Choir by Matt Mikalatos
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Nicely done - a bit of a parable, plenty of humor, and thoughtful insights into how churches may manipulate and demonize folk:

"As scared as I was, another part of me was having fun. Pastor Nate’s message was funny and entertaining. It was spiritual-ish, and the main message wasn’t threatening, wasn’t convicting or guilt-inducing. It was this: keep being who you are. Mainstream, white, upper middle class, conservative and family-centered. You’re doing it right. Don’t worry about becoming a better person, you’re already better than plenty of other people. Apart from the fact that I was a vampire, it sounded good."

The best part was - it isn't a screed, or veiled attack on the sad examples of Christian homophobia. There was more nuance to the story and something for just about any person of faith to reflect on.

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