Thursday, May 31, 2012

So FAR behind.

Well, this is a start on catching up.... These are terrific books.  Been coming out longer than Harry Potter, and present a different (more scientific, I'd say) take on magic and young wizards.  Really great books.   Though not Christian (or any other specific philosophy, there is much in these books that remind me (in a very good way) of  CS Lewis.

Not *everything* I've read since last posting (having a Kindle means, for me, working on many books at the same time), but I have worked my way through all of the "Young Wizards" books.  I'd read #1 and #2 long ago, recently found #3... the the library & Overdrive got me the rest of the books:
Young Wizards is a series of novels by Diane Duane.
The Young Wizards series presently consists of nine books, with a tenth in progress, focusing on the adventures of two young wizards named Nita and Kit. Each novel pits Nita and Kit against the "Lone Power", an entity ultimately bent on the destruction of the entire universe. The series began in 1983 with the book So You Want to Be a Wizard, which told the story of their first experiences with wizardry. In 1997, Duane began a spin-off, the Feline Wizards series, that takes place in the same universe, but with different protagonists.
This series incorporates elements of fantasyscience fiction, and religion. The series deals with issues such as deathsacrifice, and redemption.