Wednesday, January 04, 2012

SOME GAMES ARE PLAYED FOR LIFE OR DEATH. Javul Charn is the most famous pop star in the galaxy—and the runaway bride of a violent lieutenant in Black Sun, the crime syndicate commanded by Prince Xizor. Or so Javul says. Soon after Dash Rendar, broke and desperate, agrees to be Javul’s bodyguard, he realizes that openness is not her strong suit—and that murder is stalking her tour. Between the discovery of dead bodies in a cargo hold and an attack by an unidentified warship, Dash and co-pilot Eaden Vrill desperately try to understand who is terrorizing Javul’s tour and why. When Han Solo suddenly joins Javul’s road show, the stakes are raised even higher. Now Dash, who has a history with Han and an even worse history with Prince Xizor, follows his instincts, his discoveries, and Javul herself—straight into a world that may be too dangerous to survive.
Enjoyable, with enough twists and turns to keep the plot moving.  It ended sooner than I expected, because the book had a big section of Star Wars info and book previews at the end.... should have noticed.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Catching Up - October - December 2011 reading.

too many books to count.... (each title takes you to a page)
No, wait, I will count them....

16 Books
11 Library books [l]
9 Ebooks  [e]
1 public domain [p]