Saturday, March 05, 2011

Foundation's Fear (Second Foundation Series #1)by Gregory Benford

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Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy is one of the high-water marks of science fiction. It is the monumental story of a Galactic Empire in decline, and the secret society of scientists who seek to shorten the inevitable Dark Age with the science of psychohistory. Now, with the permission -- and blessing -- of the Asimov estate, the epic saga continues.
Fate -- and a cruel Emperor's arbitrary power -- have thrust Hari Seldon into the First Ministership of the Empire against his will. As the story opens, Hari is about to leave his quiet professorship and take on the all but impossible task of administering 25 million inhabited worlds from the all-steel planet of Trantor. With the help of his beautiful bio-engineered "wife" Dors and his alien companion Yugo, Seldon is still developing the science that will transform history, never dreaming that it will ultimately pit him against future history's most awesome threat.
This was a nice read - hearkening back to the golden age of Asimov.  Just as Asimov worked to reconcile his two great series (Foundation and the Robots), this book continues as part of a Foundation Trilogy prequel.

Ah - the  "alien companion Yugo" is just a human from an outlying colony world.  There are NO aliens in the Foundation trilogy - though this book works to explain just why that is.

Read this on my Android phone using Overdrive.  It was a bit long.. I felt I was racing to finish before my checkout expired and the book vanished.  And... I see it is one of the evil Harper Collins imprints - the company that for future releases will limit ebook checkouts to 26 per copy -