Monday, November 16, 2009

The Wheel of Time, by Robert Jordan

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From Saturday, December 28, 2002:

He's no Tolkien, but it was an impressive book - I've got the next in the series - we'll see if he gets better. An interesting landscape and complex of characters and "parties" of force. Funny note: his mystical "Green Man" character keeps coming to mind here in London (where I'm on holiday) as "wait for the green man" is the rule at the intersection.

Funny - I wrote that almost 7 years ago.... and now I've re-read it trying again to make my way through the Wheel of Time series. Spurred by the interest in the latest book and Brandon Sanderson taking up the Jordan mantle to finish the series. I'm more favorably impressed now re-reading it. Of course it is derivative of Tolkien. Hard not to be with that shadow.... but he has many very interesting elements all his own. Hopefully I'll get farther this time through....