Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Last Escape: The Untold Story of Alllied Prisoners of War in Europe 1944-1945 by John Nichol, Tony Rennell, John Nichol

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As World War II approached its end, thousands of American and British soldiers languished in German POW camps. With the Russian Red Army closing in from the east and Allied troops advancing from the west, Hitler forced the POWs deeper into the heart of Germany. Over the next several months these prisoners were forced to walk more than 500 miles through the severest of winter conditions, and hundreds died from exhaustion, disease, and starvation. Here-for the first time-interviews with the POWs who survived as well as their diaries and letters bring this astonishing tale of endurance and courage to life.

This was an excellent account of the fortunes of the Allied prisoners in Europe during WWII - I wish I'd read it 20 years ago because my late father was one of those prisoners - I'd have loved to been able to ask him about these things. At least I know more than I did before....

This striking book filled in quite a few details on what Dad and his fellow prisoners endured - I marvel at what they lived through. Highly recommended.