Friday, September 19, 2008

Have Space Suit, Will Travel by Robert A. Heinlein

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A classic novel from the mind of the storyteller who captures the imagination of readers from around the world, and across two generations

First prize in the Skyway Soap slogan contest was an all-expenses-paid trip to the Moon. The consolation prize was an authentic space suit, and when scientifically minded high school senior Kip Russell won it, he knew for certain he would use it one day to make a sojourn of his own to the stars. But "one day" comes sooner than he thinks when he tries on the suit in his backyard -- and finds himself worlds away, a prisoner aboard a space pirate's ship, and heading straight for what could be his final destination....

Yet-another-audio-book.... Having recently listened to Farmer in the Sky, I turned to my Audible collection to have another listen to this Heinlein classic. Really a good story - and a lot of fun, starting with his parody of the soap slogan contest. The "father" figure's wisdom and approach to parenting is interesting. Heinlein's dour assessment of education is interesting as well. Doesn't really reflect our time, since this dates from the 50's - not to say we don't have any overlap with problems...