Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Martian War: A Thrilling Eyewitness Account of the Recent Invasion as Reported by Mr. H. G. Wells by Gabriel Mesta

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"It's ALL true!"

I know I've used that line before about a book.. in fact it was for the same author, though you'd not know it from the book jacket. Kevin J. Anderson, writing here as Gabriel Mesta, and for "Captain Nemo" as KJ Anderson, shows himself in both books as a master of retcon-ing, the craft of adjusting stories details in the aid of "retroactive continuity."

As a writer in Star Wars, Dune, X-Files and other media worlds, Anderson has certainly had to learn this skill - and he does it well here.

In the earlier book Anderson gives us the life of Jules Verne, and his friend, a man who became "Captain Nemo." The fantastic adventures and accomplishments of "Nemo" fuel the writing of Verne. In this novel he does a similar turn for HG Wells.

In this version of Wells's life, were told a story that brings Dr. Moreau together with Percival Lowell discovering the first scout from Mars - a forerunner of a terrible invasion that only Wells, his lady love Jane, and TH Huxley can stop. From the Invisible Man, War of the Worlds, the First Men in the Moon and more, Anderson mines details for this adventure. At then end, much as he did in Nemo, we're left to assume that Wells drew his inspiration for his famous stories from this real "Martian War," and the exploits therein.

Lots of fun and a neat survey of Wells life and work, albeit in a fanciful way. I'm left to hope he'll next turn his attention to Edgar Rice Burroughs - I just hope that SM Stirling's Sky People hasn't made him fear to try his hand in that sphere.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Inferno by Troy Denning

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Ack - this gets murkier and murkier. The intertwined familes of the Solo's and the Skywalkers have a pretty miserable time going as Jacen works his way deeper and deeper into Sith-dom.

I'm looking forward to True Colours - a post-prequel (post Order 66) book, that takes us back to an earlier time in the Star Wars universe. (doesn't anyone do happy in the EU??)

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Well - that was different. A very quick read and not without interest. Kind of a fairy tale wrapped in SF clothing. Not on my top list of Card books.

Publishers Weekly

Hugo- and Nebula-winner Card (Speaker for the Dead) gives a familiar childish fear a science fiction spin in this youthful tale of a monster in the closet. The monster here is a wormhole that serves as a conduit to an alien world. Four years earlier, young Jared claimed he saw his mother get snatched away by it when she stepped into his bedroom closet. When older brother Todd sees proof that Jared wasn't just fantasizing, Jared and his family have to find a way for Todd to travel to the menacing other world and bring his mom back. Card works both pathos and humor into this tale of a family pulling together to rescue one of their own, producing a story more pleasing than its slight plot might suggest.