Thursday, September 06, 2007

In Fury Born (Fury Series)

by David Weber
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Well THAT was fun.

Just a great BIG (800+ pages) space opera with a Honor Harrington-esque military superwoman. Good guys are good and bad guys are very bad - what you expect and want from a Weber story, I think.

Lots of dizzying military action (I'm not one to take notes - I trust him to know his universe) and typical Weber plotting - add in a bit of "The Ship who Sang" and one fanatstic - as in fantasy - character (a Fury from Greek mythology, see and you've got a fun story - and I hope the beginning of a new Weber series.

This is a reworking/inflation of an earlier book "The Path of the Fury" (
Some reviewers prefer the original work - not having read it, I don't know - I certainly enjoyed this one.