Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Grantville Gazette III is the third collaborative work set in the '1632verse' in what is best regarded as a canonical sub-series of the popular alternate history that began with the February 2000 publication of the hardcover novel 1632 (novel) by author-historian Eric Flint. Overall it is the fourth anthology in the atypical series which consists of a mish-mash of main novels and anthologies produced under popular demand after publication of the initial novel which was written as a stand-alone work. The internet forum Baen's Bar in the Eric Flint oriented sub-forums 1632 Tech Manual and 1632 Slush figure prominently in the background of these works as is covered in the The Grantville Gazettes main article and are an example of the internet-age Collaborative writing in the literary field.

This was great fun - and happily available in e-format, so I can carry it around on my palm. Now on to "The Ram Rebellion"
Wizard of Menlo Park: How Thomas Alva Edison Invented the Modern World
by Randall E. Stross

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This was a good look into the dawning of "modern" technology and a revealing look at Edison both as man and myth. Like "the Victorian Internet" this book leads to all kind of inevitable comparisons with how old tech required the same social and legal changes as does new tech.

It's a bit disillusioning to read, if you're a great admirer of Edison. He certainly WAS a great inventor, but... not so good as a businessman - he seemed to have a great knack of guessing wrong about things.