Sunday, January 07, 2007

Rise to Rebellion: A Novel of the American Revolution
by Jeff Shaara, Jeffrey Shaara

This was a great chronicle of the beginnings of the American Revolution. With this and my recent reading (or listening) to John Adams, and 1776, I'm finding a new appreciation for the founders - great stuff. (And when I commented to a friend that I found it depressing to consider the stature of those heroes in contrast to our leaders today, I was reminded that we can take hope in the example of casting off oppresive tyrants.)

I listened to the abridged version from Audible - it was excellent, with a reader who could easily create a whole cast of characters. I'm now listening to the sequel (abridged again) - also very good, though with a different reader who is not quite as good. I expect I'll eventually read the full books. I also expect that I'll work my way through Mr. Shaara's other historicals - terrific stuff!