Sunday, September 24, 2006

Mind Map Book: How to Use Radiant Thinking to Maximize Your Brain's Untapped Potential

by Tony Buzan, Barry Buzan, Barry Buzan (With)

Okay, I backed into this one. First I found this cool Mind-Mapping tool (

Then I checked out the Wikipedia article about Mind-Mapping
and then I made my way to this book - from THE mind mapping guy (creator of it, by his lights), Tony Buzan.

I think the software is cool - it gives you an easy way to create radial outlines of ideas. (though you can do the same with a piece of paper, pen and a box of crayons). Buzan seems to be, well, a very gung-ho Human Potential kinda guy who thinks mind-mapping can save the world - and sells seminars and associated paraphenalia to corporations and individuals.

I force-read the book - didn't do all the interminable excercises, and read it very fast. You may find it interesting, but I think you're better off with my first two steps (the free software and the Wiki article).

It reminds me of the mnemonics guru Harry Lorayne, author of my fave "The Memory Book." Similarly breezy and promising stuff - but it is far more down to earth and systematic. Read that book and you'll actually have skills - even a handful of foreign vocabulary.

Memory Book

by Harry Lorayne, Jerry Lucas

Cover Image