Monday, July 24, 2006

1633 - Eric Flint and David Weber

WOW, again - I can't say enough about these. Good adventure, good spirit, and full of fascinating speculation and ideas. It doesn't hurt that this one (like 1632) are free, free, FREE for the asking at ;The Baen Free Library - like all good libraries - is chock full of great stuff! (This is good business too - I can't tell you how much more inclined I am to read - and BUY - Baen books thanks to their largesse.)

I think this book (and 1632) will bear re-reading. There is a TON of historical detail in there that I can't begin to fathom. I often say that the alternative history books loosen my grasp on real history.... but I'm not sure in this case. It certainly drives me to investigate the real facts.

I'd rhapsodize about the good stuff in this book, but... whew - there is a lot, and I'm SURE I'd be giving too much away - just read it!