Friday, January 13, 2006

Joiner King
by Troy Denning
from the publisher...
A colony of mysterious aliens is expanding toward the edge of Chiss space. The leader of the alien nest is resolute. Adept in the Force, he is drawing old friends to his side, compelling them to join the colony and meld their Force-abilities with his, even if it leads to all-out war. . . .

This was fun - and a nice return from the lonnnng New Jedi Order series. New adventure and happily far in time from the bleak end of "Revenge of the Sith". I enjoyed this a lot and decided to try to map out my own version of the Killik language - coming soon on the Programming in Tongues podcast!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

String Theory, Book 1: Cohesion
by Jeffrey Lang


Lifting the Hem of the Universe

Spirits unbroken by the failed promise of the U.S.S. Dauntless, Captain Kathryn Janeway's indefatigable crew continues their odyssey of discovery through an enigmatic region of the Delta Quadrant, encountering a system inhabited by a species that, according to known physical laws, shouldn't exist.

These unusual beings, the Monorhans, hover near the edge of extinction; technology from the Starship Voyagerâ„¢ promises life. Janeway, compelled by the aliens' plight, dispatches Seven of Nine and Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres to the Monorhan homeworld. But an unexpected shock wave crashes the shuttle carrying Torres and Seven, catapulting Voyager into a place beyond the fabric of space-time.

As B'Elanna and Seven wage an interpersonal war, Voyager struggles to prevail on an extradimensional battleground against an indefinable enemy. But fate has determined that one is inexorably linked to the other: the insurmountable chasm separating Voyager from her lost crew members must be bridged...or all will perish.

Fun story - a good mix of tension and multiple scenes for action. And there were even a few alien words to add to my database!