Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Seeds of Rage (Star Trek Errand of Fury Series #1)

Kevin Ryan

Book Cover

Wow - it is surprising how much interesting development is going on "around the edges." The Star Trek books are capitalizing on the Klingon culture developed over the years by having TWO different series with Klingon characters. This is a good follow on to Ryan's previous series, set in the Original Series era. Weaving in all sorts of details from Trek lore, he does
a great job, creating interesting, sympathetic characters during the age of Kirk, Spock and McCoy. I look forward to the next edition!

Star Wars: Survivor's Quest

Timothy Zahn

Book Cover

No one can deny Zahn *owns* Star Wars - that is, he has created a rich vocabulary and background woven into the filmed worlds, and he makes it work well. A lot of this "franchise fiction" (Star Wars, Star Trek tie-ins, that is) actually becomes a kind of Hard SF, when the authors are good craftsman who make use of the extensive references and canon. This is what Zahn does, and he does it with *style*.

I particularly like his Empire good guys, and the way he has made the fighting 501st a REAL thing.

I look forward the film about them, "Heart of an Empire", and encourage people everyone to offer prayers, honor and support to Katie's family.