Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Star Trek: I. K. S. Gorkon, Book Three, Enemy Territory

Keith R. DeCandido

Book Cover

Another very good entry in the Gorkon series. I'm again impressed by how DeCandido uses the Klingon language. I think he does just enough to give the "feel" without being incomprehensible, especially by offering the glossary at the back. Interesting that he doesn' t explain Klingon number words, though uses them for coordinates.

The story is a continuation of the IKS Gorkon's mission to seek out new worlds (and CONQUER them!) and presents an interesting race that offers a challenging foe to the tlhInganpu'. I noted, what I took to be some interesting political commentary, but maybe I was reading that into the story....

Fun book - I look forward about this crew and their travels!