Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Star Wars Force Heretic Trilogy:

I: Remnant

II: Refugee

III: Reunion (Star Wars: The New Jedi Order Series)

Sean Williams, Shane Dix

Big sweep - good stories! These make up their own massive trilogy like the movies. Lots of material, but well written and plotted - it moves along quickly. It is an interesting phase of the NJO stories (I haven't read *that* many of them). I didn't think I'd read that many of the SW books, but I'm surprised at the number of connections I pick up from the Extended Universe canon.

Very big story, multi-scene, many characters - I can't even imagine all the races very well, though Williams and Dix do a good job telling you enough back story and descriptions to get by.

I've decided that SW represents a different category of Hard SF - not Hard Science Fiction, but Hard Science Fantasy. It leans toward traditional Hard SF (biology, military tactics, and some real physics ARE there) with the additional issue of rigorous fact "accuracy" vis a vis the Star Wars canon.