Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The Zenith Angle
Bruce Sterling

Well... I liked it.

Fun book - Cyberpunk does Tom Clancy, maybe, but I think he navigated the ambiguities of the post 9/11 world in a good way. Sensitive new-age guy/cybergeek becomes a cyberwarrior is a sketchy description, but fair.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Now You're Talking!: All You Need to Get Your First Ham Radio License
Larry D. Wolfgang, Contribution by R. Dean Straw, Contribution by Dana G. Reed

A very comprehensive tutorial for the Technician class Amateur radio license. A number of things lead me to decide to try for the license. I'd had a long term interest, plus a co-worker just got his... and AMATEURS ARE GOING TO MARS!!! As part of an AMSAT-DL project .. not to mention being able to work satellites! So, well, why not? Easier than becoming an astronaut.

This was fun, too, because I haven't done a course like this to learn such specific material for a long time. I've read the book, and studied the test questions. I've also run through 3 practice tests and passed all three. Hope I do as well next Saturday when I take it for real!