Sunday, August 01, 2004

Shepherds Abiding
Jan Karon

Karon works more homespun magic with this latest uplifting story set in sleepy Mitford, N.C. Father Timothy Kavanagh, stalwart of the Mitford series, is approaching 70 when he comes across pieces of an old English nativity scene at his friend Andrew Gregory's antique shop. The set has definitely seen better days, and Andrew is hoping that someone will volunteer to restore it. Who better than Father Tim, who seems to have reached a turning point in his life and needs a project to distract him?

Well, now I am all caught up. With the stories - as well as caught up with the sentiment of the folk of Mitford. A charming series - not for everyone, but a nice place to visit, and be inspired to think about matters of faith and love. Now... when is she going to come out with another book!?!?!