Monday, March 08, 2004

The Once and Future Moon
Paul D. Spudis

Well, buying my moonstick has made me a lunatic - there is a lot to learn about our nearest neighbor!

This is a good historical review of scientific moon research by someone who was involved in the Clementine mission. He shows how much we've learned and how many more mysteries there are to explore on Luna. He makes a good case for a return, but is realistic about a timetable and what it will take to really do the job.

The Case of the Fabulous Fake (Perry Mason Mysteries Series)

Case of the Curious Bride

Erle Stanley Gardner

More fun Perry Mason's. Not much to say, but fun stories. I like the "Bride" case that involved a marriage that *might* be illegal, and Perry's efforts to keep it legal (even if divorce was necessary) so that a spouse could not testify against their partner.