Thursday, February 05, 2004

Quick Catch-UP
Just flew in from Florida, and are my arms tired!

Seriously, a nice vacation and LOTS of reading.

FIVE Perry Mason's by Erle Stanley Gardner:

Case of the Glamorous Ghost
Erle Stanley Gardner

  • The Case of Glamorous Ghost
  • The Case of Counterfeit Eye
  • The Case of Deadly Toy
  • The Case of Silent Partner
  • The Case of Baited Hook

Three Andre Norton's, in two omnibus volumes (I haven't read the last one yet):

Time Traders
Andre Norton

  • Star Soldiers:

    • Star Guard
    • Star Patrol

  • Time Traders:

    • The Time Traders
    • Galactic Derelict (to be read)

These were great books! Nothing newer than the 50's and amazing how fresh the SF stories were. The Mason mysteries were interesting too. I'm tempted to say "formulaic" but they weren't. The formula was in the setting (Perry, Dell and Paul; legal cases, courtrooms, etc.) but each of the stories started in a different way, and had wildly different casts and situations.