Thursday, January 22, 2004

The Case of the Colonist's Corpse (Star Trek The Original Series)
Tony Isabella, Bob Ingersall

Well, yes, the good people who own Star Trek etc. are always looking for new angles to make money. Now they are trying to establish a new series based on the lovable lawyer ("Samuel T. Cogley, a cranky old man who prefers books to padds and people to computers.") who defended Kirk in the Original Series "Courtmartial" episode.

The authors acknowledge they are translating Perry Mason to the 24th century - never having read an Earle Stanley Gardner book, I can't say how well they did. However, having read plenty of mysteries (and plenty of Trek) I'd say they did a good job. They set up the murder and the suspects, introduce the courtroom case and have fun solving it. Looks like they are setting a good series.
And now I'm reading a REAL Perry Mason book to have a point of comparison (So far I like Sam better).