Monday, October 06, 2003

Genesis: The Story of Apollo 8
Robert Zimmerman

This book goes along well with the "1968" segment of Tom Hank's "From the Earth to the Moon" series. An excellent retelling of the history, and the meaning of the Apollo 8. Zimmerman does a good job of contrasting the Soviet and American programs (and cultures).

This brought back memories of a Jr. High teacher in 1968, pointing out the similarities between the Apollo 8 mission and the mission in Jules Verne:

Both spacecraft carried three Astronauts.

Borman, Lovell and Anders in Apollo-8 Columbia.

Barbicane, Nicholl and Ardan in Verne's Columbiad.

Both spacecraft were launched in December.

Both were launched from Florida.

Jules Verne's launch pad was only 100 miles west of Cape Canaveral.