Sunday, September 21, 2003

Double Star
Robert A. Heinlein

This is a really charming story - I think it would make a fabulous movie. I suspect it was inspired by the fact Churchill had speeches performed by an actor on occasions.

A washed up ham - who is fortunately an excellent actor and mimic - is drafted to impersonate a kidnapped politician at a crucial moment. The role grows into more, and the actor grows himself... into far more than he imagined he'd ever be.

(note: Living in Wellstone country, I found interesting the actor's reflection on his role as Bonforte, the politician, saying he found himself saying again and again "what would Bonforte do?" Not unlike the many "What would
Wellstone Do?" bumper stickers here in Minnesota.)

Seabiscuit: An American Legend
Laura Hillenbrand

(oops - I finished this in September and forgot to blog it)
A wonderful window into an era and the acclomplishments of a horse and three special men. I wish I'd read this before my daughter was working on her horse race program; I'd have had more background (and sympathy) for her project (not that I was against it exactly; it just wasn't rockets. Hillebrandt writes and evocative and compelling account richer than most novels. But the depth of her research is amazing - and powers the story, without overpowering it with pedantry. A great book - now I have to see the movie - though I know it won't measure up.