Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Out to Canaan
Jan Karon, Hal Just (Illustrator), Designed by Francesca Belanger

High drama! A mayoral contest!!! WHO is behind Mack Stroupe's campaign??? Well, no, it isn't a surprise to readers of the books - which have plenty of Fred and Barney moments (from "The Flinstones": those moments of character stupidity that had you yelling "FRED!! BARNEY!! DON'T!" to whatever mistake they were making at the time).

All in all another nice sojourn with the folks of Mitofrd. I've read through four of these books - three left, but maybe I'd better take a break before I start talking like the characters, for pete's sake.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

These High, Green Hills
Jan Karon

This third book of The Mitford Years series, finds Father Timothy Kavanagh married, and adjusting to that, along with any number of complicated episodes in his town of Mitford. Another nice amble through the lives of people living their faith - a fiction, a fantasy, but, an inspiration to those of us who are doing the same in the real world.