Saturday, May 24, 2003

The Fifth Man, by John B. Olson, Randall Scott Ingermanson

This is such an excellent book - I'm guessing it is volume 2 of 3, now that we've had "Oxygen" about getting to Mars, this book about being on Mars.... hmm, what is next? Ah, going home, of course.

This is a solid, hard science story about what it might be like to be on Mars. What would be the consequences of discovering life? What are the psycho-dynamics of a mission of four people over a period of YEARS. National and international politics. And a very realistic portrayal (in this book and the last) about NASA problem solving in Apollo 13-type situations. Oh and there is romance - and moral issues of good and evil.

The real shame is that this book is pretty much consigned to the "Christian fiction" ghetto, when it should be up there scrapping for a Hugo or Nebula. I wish Bethany would cut a deal with TOR or DAW and get these books in the open market!

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Death at Glamis Castle, by Robin Paige

Okay - more grist for "losing touch with real history" in the "Paige"
series of Victorian mysteries. Really, I think these stories
give me an exposure to history and historical figures
of whom I'd otherwise be ignorant. They (The Albert's who
team up to write these) do a good job to weave real facts
in - in this case the story of poor half-mad Prince Albert Victor.
Hidden away for years due to the Ripper murders (not his
doing) and other scandals, he is the target of German
spies and various skullduggery. Good thing for the
vigilance and heroism of Lord and Lady Sheridan!