Friday, March 28, 2003

To Rise From Earth, by Wayne Lee.

Wow. If you want to understand space travel, the history, the physics, the economics... just about anything - this book has an incredible wealth of detail. Orbital mechnics, rocket science, the details of Shuttle servicing and more - this book is really excellent.

It helped me in thinking about the design and development of my JoyRide project. Lee is an excellent educator, and carefully makes sure not to intimidate - no hard math, no equations, yes still provides an enormous amount of details and facts in an accessible and fun format.
The Short Victorious War

Another good book about Honor Harrington. The title is ironic - Honor's enemies "the People's Republic of Haven" decide a nice Short Victorious War will drum up solidarity among the people, and distract from economic woes. Of course Honor and her comrades provide the "short" part, but claim the victory for themselves.

I certainly hope this is not prophetic......