Monday, December 02, 2002

Foundation, by Isaac Asimov

Sure, I've read it before - A great tale of the future from the past.

I'd swear Asimov (were he living) could sue Lucas for his creation and depiction of his Empire homeworld, Coruscant. Hard to see in what way IF ANY it differs from Asimov's own metal-clad nothing-but-one-city capital.

This is classic Asimov, classic big-sweep SF. Remarkable for the SF-ish things missing like aliens, robots, and computers. Communications seems to be all radio and television. His retelling of the fall of Rome, and the power of the Church is a great example of classic SF, but to a person of faith (any faith) his depiction of the Foundation's ersatz Church, and its hypnotic control over teeming worlds seems laughable - I suspect it could only be written by an atheist.