Monday, September 23, 2002

Avalon, by Stephen Lawhead.

Great book! Wonder if there'll ever be a
sequel? Of course you could look at it the other way around, it is (kind
of ) a sequel to the Pendragon cycle, which I haven't read (yet). On
order at the library, but not many copies around. I stopped in at a B&N by
hoping they'd have Taliesin (the first of the Pendragon books),
but no.. I'm stuck waiting for the books from the library (which is thrifty)
So, in a Lawhead mood, I'm going to start re-reading the Celtic

Avalon reminds me of the Left Behind books - a bleak anti-faith future.
Plucky anachronistic band of believers fighting natural and supernatural
enemies. Fighting for the return of the King.... of course the fact that
Lawhead is a far better writer helps. Even his theology is better - and it is a very theological - decidedly Christian - story. Which reminds
me - his St. Patrick book is on the way - it will be out by 3/17/2003, if not sooner.

Sunday, September 22, 2002

The Glass Harmonica, Marley, Louise

I'll steal a description from

"This book is an excellent, dreamy science fantasy work by a great author. She weaves two parallel story lines across two and a half centuries and creates each world wonderfully. She also integrates historical figures, such as Ben Franklin and Mozart, into the storyline deftly."

Science Fiction, mystery, historical fiction, Marley weaves them all together in a very good story.