Sunday, July 21, 2002

Somebody Else's Music, by Jane Haddam

Having just skipped my 30th high school reunion, I don't know if I'm in line to read a book like this or not - a book which certainly doesn't reflect my experience of High School. The scene here is small-town Pennsylvania, where the deeds (or mis-deeds) of a clique of in-crowd girls is coming back in a bad way. The story involves a writer, a somewhat famous and influential writer who - way-back then - was the target of all the top girls. The "top girls" are still just as nasty and poisonous as ever, and unable to cope with their former victim being a success, who has returned to deal with her ailing mother.

But Gregor Demarkian is on the scene - digging into things, and making connections. And peripherraly Father Tibor is there, and Bennis (not so peripherally). An intense, almost pathological story.