Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Rogue Planet by Greg Bear

An okay book. I'm winding down from my Star Wars fix, though I've
gotta go see the movie again.

This book has Anakin and Obi Wan going off a mission about 4 years after Episode 1.
A good enough story - I found I was more interested in the bad guys, especially Tarkin
and Sienar... don't ask me why. Probably because the mystical machine/living planet
stuff was harder to connect to. ... I'm thinking about reading Kathy Tyers Balance Point... I
like HER as a writer, but don't know about this post-post-post Episode 6 stuff. We'll see.

NOW I'm reading "The Turk", by Tom Standage, and it is pretty cool. Robots playing chess in the 1700's!
(yes, I know it was a trick, but still....)