Saturday, May 11, 2002

A Great Day for the Deadly by Jane Haddam.

Read it before. I'll read it again. I really enjoy these, stories, and the observations that Haddam makes in them. For a non-Catholic, she has some of the most interesting, and thoughtful things to say. This is one of her older books, and she has this observation that I think is pretty apropos today with the media feeding frenzy on the Church:

"What was fascinating to Gregor about the press accouunts of the death of
[postulant] Brigit Ann Reilly - especially the ones in the prestige
weeklies - was their tone. From Time to the New REpublic, from Newsweek
to the Nation, the editorial voice seemed to be a cross between the grimly
prissy schoolmarm of ninteenth-century fiction and the hell-and-brimstone
preacher. Father Tibor back on Cavanaugh Street was always telling Gregor
thet the American press was hysterically hostile to religion, but Gregor
had never listened to him. Tibor was a refugee from Soviet Armenia. He
had lived with real-life persecution for so long, he was entitled to one
or two conspiracy theories. Now Gregor thought he owed Tibor at least a
mental apology. These stories were so bizarre, to call them anti-Catholic
was to give them too much credit."

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Diplomatic Immunity by Lois McMaster Bujold.

I am incapable or writing much insight or analysis about a Bujold book - well, none of my reviews are exactly biting. This is the latest in the story of Miles Vorkosigan and his kin. It is great. They all are. Lois McMaster Bujold is the best. writer. ever.

Oh man - Miles as a father is going to be interesting. Here he is only expecting.... He and his wife are off on a galactic honeymoon while their soon-to-be-born son and daughter incubate back on Barrayar - but that is not the story, just a subject Miles dwells on from time to time (as in "when/will I get back in time for their births")

The real action is the return of the quaddies! Virtually the entire book is in Quaddie territory, and fans of Falling Free will certailny enjoy seeing what they made of themselves. Lots of intrigue, and old friends surface. I THINK the book can be read by anyone, though a good knowledge of the Vorkosigan saga certainly will help. I know I started reading these books with Brothers in Arms, and she usually gives you enough to go on..

Just read the book! (click the link below and go buy it!) (now. go. go!)

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