Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Prove It! God by Amy Welborn.

I'm a fan of Welborn's blogging (here), so felt compelled to pick up one of her books. Nice, breezy style - definetly aimed at the High School crowd. Good low-key intro to apologetics. No real heavy lifting (though she points the reader to other references). Unlike most Protestant writers, she is aware that the Church has a continuous history from the first century.

The Silent Speaker by Rex Stout.

Second Confession by Rex Stout.

Yes, I know I'm not much of a reviewer; faint praise is the weakest I come up with, and in most cases I gush. Both of these Nero Wolfe stories are (of course, great). They are anchored well in an earlier time - and have a number of things (post-WWII politics, stenophones, radio broadcasting) that make one reflect on how times have changed. But great characters, good twists and fun reading. Recommended? Of course.

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