Friday, July 13, 2001             

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  • A Case of Conscience by James Blish. Won the Hugo for 1958. Excellent, very sympathetic treatment of the Jesuit scientist.
  • Hosea (Bible)
  • Matthew(Bible)
  • Deuteronomy(Bible"Mnemonic theology"! Remember, so you do these things!)

Thursday, July 12, 2001             

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Books read so far, Summer 2001 at least that I remember...

  • Nevada Barr books - These are great adventures, similar to the Tony Hillerman
    Navajo stories, since the hero, Anna Pigeon, is a National Park Ranger, and must deal
    with a whole mess of overlapping jurisdictions. Every book seems to drag you through
    all kinds of peril.

    • Liberty Falling
    • Deep South
    • Blood Lure (BOT : I listened to a Book on Tape of it; unabridged!)

  • Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy (BOT)
  • P is for Peril
  • The Neptune File (discovery of Neptune) by Tom Standage, author of The Victorian Internet. How DID we discover Neptune, anyway? Same way we find planets outside our solar system! (we now know of more OUT there than our mere nine!) Fascinating history of science story that brings history to life.
  • In the Beginning (history of KJV) What!? The KJV wasn't exactly authorized? It was a tool to control the Puritans?
  • The Prayer of Jabez - interesting but I recommend these first: (they're free!)

  • When in Doubt, Sing (not finished yet)
  • Daniel (Bible)
  • David Gerrold (author of The Trouble with Tribbles) wrote these Heinlein-esque books.
    Very reminiscent of Heinlein's juveniles (though not necessarily juvenile; some may find them a little too adult). Lots of imagination, and good development of the consequences of technology, particularly a "space elevator". I hope there is a sequel!
    • Jumping Off the Planet
    • Bouncing Off the Moon