Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Harbinger / David Mack.
by Mack, David
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New York : Pocket Books, 2005.
Star trek ;
Star trek. Vanguard

This was a nice entrant into the TOS (the Original Series) realm of Trek. A bit "adult" in some of the subject matter (i.e. sex) but generally very in tune with the original series characters and settings. I look forward to the next volume - soon, I hope!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Well, COOL! Two DM books in one week!!! Now I have to wait till November till the next book.....

This one was great fun (of course) and followed Dr. Sloan trying to prove a convicted murderer was innocent, and discover who killed a notorious blackmailing private eye.

Meanwhile, Steve is busy with the files of said private eye. Seems he arranged for Doc Sloan to get his secret files - which would point to his murderer - if the PI ever was murdered.

Of course... they have yet to find the detectives body....